DAYS.EXCHANGE is the first Blockchain sharing economy for assured longevity and P4 medicine investment, Providing equitable digital insurance for billions

DAYS is converting health to wealth for DAYS contributors

DAYS will convert aggregated global demand for health span & life extension into breakthrough longevity investments guaranteed by top-expert blockchain panels.

Days security placement & digital assurance allows us to enter not only the global healthcare market ($8.7 Trillion USD) and Life insurance market ($2,6 Trillion), but also to disrupt wealth management market ($9,2 Trillion).

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DAYS TGE (Token Generation Event) is secured by DAYS CAPITAL AG business products and investment in the Rating of Longevity technologies to be approved by a Blockchain panel of top scientists and DAYS contributors. We empower you to decide what services to book for DAYS Catalogue on the conditions of advance payments for exclusive discounts.

DAYS Novel Life Management product FOR BILLIONS: Healthy-Wealthy Digital Assurance of longevity and well-being. This is first equitable insurance package with variable outcome depending on your behavior.

Other products will be available in DAYS catalogue, only for Credits.

Our Mission

DAYS Mission is to find and to make adoption of technologies of LIFE EXTENSION & P4 MEDICINE, to provide it for free, for loyal DAYS contributors.
DAYS Foundation is aimed at investing the most effective P4 Medicine & longevity technologies rated by the Scientific blockchain panel. Scientific Panel will be comprised of top life scientists elected after Longevity Impact Forum in July 2018.
DAYS have the unique mechanisms to occupy position on the top of distributed ledgers of health data sharing, in order to make DAYS AI named «I Am» - the smartest in the health and wealth linked issues.
DAYS AI will be presented in late 2019. After DAYS AI training on health data of contributors, it will become your personal coach, mentor and lifekeeper.
DAYS final product will be LiFE MAP: your personal AI-driven aggregator of partnering digital health, insurtech and other services. This will be a first entry point in Smartphone, for millions of users of the most appealing DAYS product: Telewellness.
For the amount of 5000 DAYS contributions you’ll get a gift: personal AI “I Am”

Life map


Entry point to all health related services

AI driven app will be available on millions Smartphones starting from 2020

Days Token

DAYS generation, initial rate, DAYS tokens/DAYS credits exchange

Credits are internal loyalty units, providing both exclusive health span services and well-being

100 Billion contribution units will be generated in 2018 - 2019
Pre-TGE. 1, 000,000,000 contribution units, in Summer 2018.
TGE-1: 500,000,000 tokens valued at 0.5 EUR each at TGE 1, March 2019.
TGE-2: 5,000,000.000 tokens valued at 0.55 EUR each at TGE 2, March 2019.
And so on, in following months.
2019: 1 euro. Nominal Value.

DAYS contributor (if exchange DAYS to Credits) will get a health insurance pole with coverage of up to 500,000 EUR)

DAYS Value...
DAYS contribution value for the Third and following TGE Phases will be set as follows:
DAYS tokens in April 2019: 0,6 euro
DAYS tokens in May 2019: 0,65 euro
DAYS tokens in June 2019: 0,7 euro
DAYS tokens in July 2019: 0,75 euro
DAYS membership contribution in second half of 2019: 0,8 - 1 euro.

This is an approximate calculation. The discount will be determined depending on demand

DAYS contributor (if exchange DAYS to Credits) will get a health insurance pole with coverage of up to 500 000 EUR

For DAYS system of assured investments we will pay 120 scientists and economists in the panels

Bounty: 1000 top bloggers will choose stars and scientists for Lifetime Award purposes, together with DAYS Investment Blockchain panel. Bloggers will get 1 Billion DAYS contribution units, and anti-aging services as a gift. DAYS is establishing Lifetime Award to gift longevity services to old stars and scientists panels 500 000 EUR
Marketing: 5 million euro will be allocated for gifting 50 stars and scientists and for TV show production. A TV show will demonstrate the process of rejuvenation of stars. Our goal is 100 million people familiar with DAYS messaging in March 2019.
Escrow used for the TGE PROCEEDS. Funds will be invested in phases in 2018 - 2019

Days Foundation

DAYS Foundation is a global non-profit structure in the stage of registration, aimed to assure acceleration of R&D in biotech and P4 medicine (preventive, personalized, precise, predictive).

A selected group of world-renowned experts included in the DAYS Scientific Blockchain Panel, supported by AI system, will decide DAYS proceeds’ investment.

Participate in the future of DAYS wealth and health sharing economy! DAYS contributors will vote for Scientific Blockchain panel.

Join us below if You support DAYS MISSION

Voting on Blockchain Panel candidates will start during Longevity Impact Forum –

DAYS valuation

The promotion will be carried out by world famous movie and sports stars, to be gifted by DAYS within the framework of LifeTime Award. This way, DAYS media coverage is to rise from 100 million in March 2019 to 400 million people and more in June. Thus, the total number of contributors in 2019 may be around 200 000.

Taking into consideration the projection of 200 000 contributors & 0.5 mln DAYS Telewellness HWI apps users, and one contributor’s LifeTimeValue (LTV) of about €20 000 - €300 000 (median of €35 000), this makes an estimating DAYS capitalization of €24.5 Bln. as for Summer 2019.

Base for DAYS valuation:

TELEWELLNESS: Value Added Service rewarding your healthy behavior with the first installment on insurance plan valued up to 100 000 euro. This appealing offer will be accepted by millions of telecom clients


The stated projections are approximate.

DAYS is digital security. DAYS credits are internal rights of access to DAYS sharing economy.

However, DAYS contributions are not for speculative purposes. Thus, only limited volume of DAYS is available for one contributor.


Life is the most precious resource of any person. The DAYS Foundation Initiative Group has developed a system of capitalization of life value, converting life extension services into a digital insurance investment.

DAYS AI-based Health Index algorithm is to balance your input (contribution to DAYS in form of money or/and health data), with outcomes of DAYS investments.

For the first time in history, the DAYS become an accelerator for the transformation of several longevity related industries at once. DAYS unique blockchain platform offers paradigm-shifting capabilities to insurance and healthcare, as well as for wealth management and pension systems.

Why to keep DAYS Tokens?

Because you can exchange them for insurance package with total coverage of up to 500,000 euro
Because you can buy with them at 50% discount future innovative products and services from DAYS Catalogue
Because you can exchange them for Credits, and get additional Credits for loyalty

How it works?

DAYS index
40% biotech and Healtcare blue-chip stocks
20% days Health Index (circulation policy)
20% Direct Investment in infrastructure projects
10% Grants for R&D, venture investments
10% Polycurrency Basket
Investment Blockchain panel
AI driven algorithm for regulation of tokens in circulation
Scientific Blockchain panel
Economical Fundamental Reserves
Economical Growth Impact

Credits scoring & distribution

4D Free Diagnostic
Unit-Linked Insurance
Life Insurance
P4 Free Medicine
Gain loyalty credit

Loyal DAYS contributors will be rewarded by internal loyalty units named Сredits for dissemination of DAYS Mission or for other kind of contribution.

In 2019, first DAYS TGE contributors will get services half price (Services of DAYS Catalogue are available only for Credits).

We are estimating your health and future wealth by multi-factor Health Index methodology.

Contributors with Health Wealth Index 10 will be offered Immortals Club membership.

DAYS Sharing Economy Benefits

Each token holder becomes part of an ecosystem aimed at life extension and well-being.
DAYS are not securities, but may be sold, or exchanged for internal loyalty units - credits.

Credits provide you benefits for sharing DAYS messaging.


BENEFITS from DAYS INDEX portfolio growth

Capital gains from operations on crypto-exchanges

Accumulation of credits


Free 4D diagnostics

Free P4 medical services

Innovative life-extension techniques


Accumulative insurance

Life insurance

Health Insurance

Road Map

Investment Rating methodology creation, Future Europe Investment Rating Association (FEIRA) founded.
Concept creation, team building.
2017 September – December
Contracting partners and suppliers, seed investment acquisition, Concept testing, Incorporation.
Pre-TGE, soft cap €1 mln. To confirm the overall DAYS capitalization of €200 Mln.
2017-June 2019
Transacting DAYS prototype
June - December
Agent network building, to sell unit-linked insurance around the globe
DAYS Oxford Longevity Conference, Longevity Impact Forum pre-event.
August 2018 – July 2019
Lifetime Award, gifting anti-aging services to celebrities.
Start of Telewellness program
We are here
January - December
Agent network building, to seel unit-linked insurance
Investment of proceeds in the Health Index, in clinics and startups, SEF and ETF funding
March 2019 – December 2019
Token Generation Event, 10 Bln. hard cap.
Since November - 2019
First DAYS TGE contributors get services half price (DAYS Catalogue available for Credits)
~ 2020
Free medicine DAYS AI-doctor named I Am
~ 2021
DAYS Next Investment Phase, €25 Bln.

Token structure

FIRST TGE starts 03.2019

TGE will be held monthly, with 5% of DAYS total supply each offering and the discount reduction of the DAYS. The first DAYS issue soft cap - 50 mln.EUR

Token Allocation

54% Fundraisers
16% Reserve
11% Partners
10% Angels
9% Team

Use of Proceeds

70% Days Investment Program
12% Equipment & Program
10% Marketing
5% SG&A
3% Software development
Attracted now 800K EUR
Soft Cap. 1st. TGE 50 mln. EUR

How to earn DAYS internal Credits

Participate in the process of DAYS messaging dissemination and health data sharing. Or become an agent. The best 400 agents will get membership in the Immortals Club, and will get positions of heads of DAYS Enterprises, joint ventures with DAYS Capital AG.

Immortals club

We will empower our top contributors to establish spin-offs, a joint venture with DAYS managing company. Contributors, qualified after passing Longevity Impact Forum and other events, are to creates DAYS backed companies with opinion leaders in their countries.

All DAYS contributors and top bloggers are incentivizing to disseminate DAYS messaging, by getting DAYS Rating (Health Index, providing DAYS Credits).

The ultimate incentive: to become a millionaire, working as a partner (get share in DAYS Enterprises). If your Healthy-Wealthy Index will be 10, you’ll get 50 000 Credits (100 000 euro) per year.

So, the first 400 DAYS agents who reach Healthy-Wealthy Index 10 will become members of Immortals Club.

HEALTHY-WEALTHY INDEX: Credits reward system

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Participate in the monitoring of your health data - 180 credits (per year, if you follow DAYS recommendations)
Purchase of a ticket for our conference - 190 credits
Purchase of a cabin in our Forum-cruise - 250 credits
Bring a referral (for more than 5000 euro spending in DAYS catalogue) - 280 credits
Loyalty to the system (exchanging at least 500 000 DAYS for credits - 490 credits
Activity in the system (purchase of services for 6 000 credits per year) – 590 credits
Become an Ambassador or an expert working for DAYS on regular basis – 1000 credits
To be a member of the Blockchain panel or a star receiving the Lifetime Award - 3,000 credits
Agent services, sales of Healthy-wealthy assurance for 500 000 euro per year - 20 000 credits
Became a partner (create a joint venture with DAYS, IF you fulfill the plan of sales of 1 mln.euro) - 50 000 credits

Healthy-wealthy assurance

DAYS economy is designed to provide healthcare services for free - for contribution to DAYS economy equal to 10 000 euro (after 5 years of loyalty, or 3 years in case if you’re 65 + years old).

Additional incentive: Healthy-Wealthy Assurance ©, with first installment 10 000 euro, and cash value for you to receive 20 000 - 90 000 euro, depending on how healthy is your lifestyle. This is the most disruptive product, including health assurance with $250 000 coverage, life insurance and unit-linked insurance *

Cash value life insurance refers to any life insurance policies that not only have a death benefit but also accumulate value in a separate account within the policy.

DAYS Value

Each time you make a premium payment, part of the money goes towards the:

Cost of insurance

This is essentially the amount of money needed to provide the policy’s death benefit

Fees and overhead

These are the costs of the insurance company and fees to provide coverage

Cash value

An account within the life insurance policy. A life insurance policy’s cash value is separate from the death benefit, so your beneficiaries would not receive the cash value if you passed away. Cash value that’s left in your life insurance policy when you die is kept by the insurer. A life insurance policy’s cash value is essentially the amount of money you would receive if you decided to give up the policy to the insurer, or surrender your coverage.

* contain exclusions, limitations, reductions in benefits, and terms for keeping them in force

DAYS Media



Blockchain technology is used in DAYS project for: rating processing; a combination of data analitics and expert blockchain panel for assured decisions on investments (to be selected during Longevy Impact Forum www.liforum.org); incentive alignment (loyalty program called Credits and Proof of Work lead generation), and continuous change management (voted by DAYS holders).

Hybrid Insurance

Days unit-linked insurance smart contracts converted to LIF Loyalty Credits provide holders with free medicine after 5 years in LIF system. DAYS motivates contributors to participate in the investment process and the distribution.

4D Lifespan Technology & P4 Medicine

DAYS will verify and provide contributors with the open-source 4D lifespan methodology. Simultaneously, DAYS makes an acceleration of investments in concerted initiatives of P4 medicine (preventive, personalized, precise, and predictive).

Artificial Intelligence

As McKinsey makes clear in the Global private payors report: A trillion-euro growth opportunity in the private health-insurance industry is linked by the rapid progress being made in digitization and advanced analytics are prompting many consumers to take a more active role in determining the health services they receive. It is possible by implementation of an comprehensive AI system.

Data Protection

Big data tracking multiple dimensions of individual health provide personalized, actionable healthspan information. Any data that comes from medical App and devices that contain protected health information must be HIPAA-compliant. Patient access to his health data will be part of DAYS system.

EHR Platforms Interconnection

Personalized data will be de-identified and aggregated to provide insights into lifespan domains. DAYS will collaborate with World Health Organization and OECD in secure transfer, linkage and analysis of health data recognizing that public trust and confidence in the protection of personal health data must be maintained if the benefits achievable through its processing in compliance with privacy laws and policies.






This site is not a public offer of investment. Participation in DAYS TGE is offered only to a limited number of persons. For pre-qualification it is necessary to fill in Whitelist.

The rights to DAYS contribution units are to be processed in the US on a limited basis, only to accredited investors under exemptions from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 (the “Securities Act”) pursuant to Regulation D, Section 506(c) under the Securities Act, and the rule promulgated there under.

This website does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase DAYS Contribution units, nor shall there be any offer, solicitation or sale of the DAYS Contribution units in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful. The DAYS Contribution units have not and will not be registered under the Securities Act, the Investment Company Act of 1940 or other applicable state securities laws, and may not be offered or sold in the US absent registration or pursuant to an exemption from registration requirements of the Securities Act and under applicable state laws.

In any member state of the European Economic Area, the DAYS Contribution units are only being offered to qualified investors as defined under Directive 2003/71/EC (as amended, including by Directive 2010/73/EU, and includes any relevant implementing measure in each member state.)

I am over the age of 16 and have read and agree to the data processing practices described in the terms. I am aware that I can withdraw my consent at any time

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